The Million Dollar Mind - How One Simple Idea Can Make You Rich.

Join host of The Million Dollar Mind, Chris Kellogg, talk with an entrepreneur, author and personal coach to people who want to be wealthy. Mychal Connolly, Mr. Stinky Cakes, shares his insights on how to go from having a terrific idea to, promoting it, making money off it, and then defending your business from competitors that want to steal your customers.

Today, host Chris Kellogg speaks to Michael Connolly about how a person can take an idea for an invention or service and turn it into a million dollar business.

Michael Connolly uses his experience as a successful entrepreneur, author and creator of the world famous Stinky Cakes, diaper gift bags, to help others reach their dreams. Some of the topics Chris and Michael discuss in this first episode of the series are:
  • How do you know if your idea for a product or service is just silly, or if it has some real merit?
  • What do you do when people say they don't like your idea, when you're fully behind it?
  • How to test market your idea?
  • When you should start advertising your idea, and where you should do it?
  • How can you predict your business' financial success?
  • How do you stay on top when competitors of your company start to come after your customers?
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